Purgatory Online

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Last night's evisceration of the Angels did little to quell any fears one might have had that the Angels' offense is stuck on "putter." What initially looked like a close, hard-fought game turned into a runaway rout when Scioscia returned Sele to the mound to start the fifth; I rarely question Scioscia's judgment, but in this case I'm prepared to make an exception. It seemed obvious that Sele was in trouble, putting men on base every inning, running his pitch count up. It actually looked as if he was headed to the showers after the top of the fourth, when the score was still just 4-2 (and, in fact, it was 4-3 after the home half of the fourth). No such luck. Five innings pitched is the magic number for starters, and so Sele was allowed to cough up two more. Following which were many innings of frustration for the Angels, who seem to be following the Chinese menu theory of hitting in any given inning: choose any combination of two singles or walks, or one double.

Bleah. No more discussion of this; I'm tired from having stayed up an extra half-hour so we could see people heap praise on Percival before the game. Man, that Chuck Finley is one wacky character, huh?