Purgatory Online

Saturday, August 28, 2004

From today's Times:
Told that Steinbrenner probably views Moreno's deep pockets as a threat to the Yankee empire, Moreno chuckled and said, "We're not a threat. We're like the young whippersnappers on the West Coast."
In other words, "aw, shucks, George - don't pay us no mind. We're just havin' us some fun out here. We ain't got nothin' that could put any dents in that big ol' empire you built. Just keep worrying about those scary Red Sox, and we'll be over here, petting fluffy kitties and smelling pretty flowers. That's right...no need to worry...that was some other team that KICKED YOUR ASSES ALL OVER YANKEE STADIUM!"

The same article tells us that Scioscia has said that Glaus may rejoin the team for part or all of the Boston series, which begins on Tuesday.