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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Angels may give Sele another start.
"His stuff was as good as it's been in five years," Manager Mike Scioscia said of Sele's last start, a 1 2/3 -inning appearance Saturday against the Chicago White Sox in which he allowed eight runs — four earned — and six hits. "That's what encourages us."


Not that the alternatives are much more appetizing. Ortiz? We've been over that ground. Gregg has been unreliable. Scioscia is described in the article as "reluctant" to use Shields as a starter because of his importance to the bullpen, which is understandable, but with Scott Dunn and Matt Hensley now on the expanded roster, there's a little more flexibility down there. I think Shields is needed more to take the ball every fifth day than to pitch middle relief right now.