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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Ah, Good Bartolo. How I've missed you.

A few random thoughts from last night's game, a 5-2 victory over Toronto:

* Bengie Molina caught Colon for the first time in several months. Nobody seemed to mind.

* Troy Percival is suddenly effective again, at least against the less-threatening offenses in the league. He's throwing a lot more off-speed stuff, and managing to get guys out with it. Cool.

* Jose Guillen returned to the lineup after being out for several days. His ailments apparently extend from carpal tunnel syndrome to neck, shoulder, back, and leg soreness, for which he's seen Bartolo Colon's personal trainer / physical therapist. Ordinarily, I'd say that seeing Bartolo Colon's personal trainer is a bit like seeing Ken Lay's accountant, but Colon pitched well last night, so he gets a pass today.

* Frankie Rodriguez got his 110th strikeout on the season, a new Angels record.

In other news, the Angels gave Ben Weber his unconditional release, making him a free agent.

Oh, and the Red Sox beat the A's last night. You might say they chewed Redman and spit him out, if you were inclined toward smokeless tobacco puns. In any event, the A's lead is down to 1.5 games, with these on tap for today:

Toronto at Anaheim (Miller at Escobar), 10:05 p.m. - The Angels need to keep the pressure on tonight. They're heavily favored by this matchup, and Escobar has been more than pleased to throw well against his old club in the past, so it should be a matter of execution tonight. Miller is terrible against lefties (.361/.448/.602), so look for good things from Erstad, Anderson, and Kennedy. Defensively, as long as Escobar's not pitching to Delgado with runners on too frequently, they should be okay.

Meanwhile, Boston and Oakland wrap up their three-game series with a Hudson v. Martinez matchup. This could turn out to be a classic, the A's struggling to avoid a sweep at home, the Red Sox looking to keep the pressure on the Yankees. Hudson's having a better year than Martinez, and has a real home-field advantage in Oakland against him. Boston has the best offense in the league, however, so Martinez will hopefully be able to focus on going after hitters and getting deep into the game without worrying too much about a run here or there.