Purgatory Online

Saturday, September 18, 2004

So here's my theory: obviously, Bad Bartolo temporarily escaped from the two-dimensional "Superman II"-style prison in which he had been placed, and took the field before anyone could stop him. After the first inning, Good Bartolo and the other Angels lured him back to the prison with cheeseburgers and shot it back into space.

I was entertaining thoughts of turning the TV off and doing something worthwhile with my time, like learning Sanskrit, but stuck around knowing how bad Chan Ho Park is. I'm sure glad I did. Once Bartolo started pitching like he had a pair, he dominated in a way that's absolutely worth the money the Angels are paying him, provided he can do it again a few dozen more times over the next three years. Plus, we saw timely hitting and power in the same game! Hopefully, Guillen's homer will jump-start him a little bit, but two from Vlad and one from Glaus wasn't too shabby.

Meanwhile, the A's went down in flames, blowing a 3-1 lead after Ken Macha pulled a cruising Barry Zito after six.

As noted earlier, tomorrow's going to be a tough day. But it was nice to start the series this way.