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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Oh, God, that's sweet.

Congratulations to the Oakland A's, who've won 90 games for five years straight, on a well-fought season.

No matter what the voters say, The Monster is the American League's Most Valuable Player. He may have had his ups and downs this year, but when it counted, he came through.

And so did Darin Erstad and Garret Anderson. Were you watching, Rob Neyer? THAT's why they make what they make. And that's why your spreadsheets will never tell the whole story.

More eventually. Right now, I'm gonna drink some beer and smile at everybody I see.

Update: The following seem probable:

1. Galarraga starts at 1B tomorrow.
2. Ortiz or Sele pitches.
3. ALDS rotation: Washburn, Colon, Escobar.