Purgatory Online

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Carl Pavano is making the free agent tour of potential suitors, a practice that's not new but much more in the public eye, what with teh intarweb and all:
[T]he agent for Carl Pavano said Monday that the free-agent pitcher plans to visit New York from Dec. 3-5 to speak with Yankees officials. The 28-year-old right-hander, who met with Red Sox officials in Boston last week, also is planning trips to visit the Detroit Tigers (Dec. 2-3), Baltimore Orioles (Dec. 6-7), the Seattle Mariners (Dec. 7-8) and Anaheim Angels (Dec. 9-10), agent Scott Shapiro said.

The Angels aren't mentioned much when it comes to Pavano speculation, so his inclusion on that list is a sign that either Stoneman is working something on the QT or - and this is probably more appealing - it's becoming de rigeur for marquee free agents to see what the Angels will offer. Although referring to Pavano as "marquee" says more about the current crop of free agent pitchers than it does about Pavano.

The Red Sox, Yankees, and Orioles are all, obviously, willing to spend a few bucks on free agents. The Tigers have been aggressive lately, and the Mariners have done a pretty good job of clearing payroll while taking it in the shorts this past season. In other words, bidding could get pretty outrageous.

Curious Pavano side note: his ESPN page shows him as playing for "WAS" for his first few seasons. Are we to expunge even the memory of a franchise in Montreal?