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Monday, November 15, 2004

Old news:

Both Troy Percival and Troy Glaus are gone for '05. This should not have come as a shock to anyone who was paying attention to the payroll numbers. Considering the fact that the Angels have McPherson and Rodriguez ready to step into those roles at a fraction of the price, these were more or less no-brainers for the club.

Arte Moreno says he wants to change the team's name to the Los Angeles Angels. Apparently some people think this is a big deal, but I couldn't care less. If they change the unis, I'm out $25 for a new hat. Otherwise, unless you're on the Angels' marketing staff or the Anaheim City Counsel, I fail to see why this should spill any beer at all.

Transaction rumors, and my takes thereupon:

Nomah - too pricey. Renteria is better, and possibly cheaper.
Randy Johnson - oh, hell yes. For one year? You'd better believe it.
Pedro - not if Pavano's available for substantially cheaper, or if Johnson can be had for one year.
Beltran - That'd be nice too.
Piazza - No freakin' way, and I hope like hell that's some kind of joke. It has to be, doesn't it?

So, lessee...figure $9 million for Renteria, $16.5 million for Johnson, and $14 million for Beltran, plus, say, a million for a reliever, minus $3 million for Jose Guillen, that comes to an additional $37.5 million over the payroll they're already committed to (give or take a Molina). So this merry band could be brought together for a mere $115 million or so, or $7 million short of what Arte paid to be Western Division champeens in 2004.