Purgatory Online

Monday, January 31, 2005

A correction: Bartolo Colon has been named as having "best slide-step" by ESPN's Hot Stove Heaters, which is apparently distinct from having the "best pickoff move" (which was won by former Angel Brian Anderson). Future discussions in this series, which scientists speculate may by of theoretical interest to someone in a parallel universe consisting almost entirely of boring quarks, could include Angels personnel on Feb. 2 ("best outfield arm"), Feb. 10 ("best first baseman around the bag" - hey, it could happen), Feb. 15 ("best on-field manager," though that's probably Bobby Cox's), and Feb. 18 ("best leader," because who knows what that means?)

Feb. 18, of course, is more or less the start of spring training, after which HSH will presumably begin previewing teams, as per usual.