Purgatory Online

Friday, March 25, 2005

I think this is new: video clips on the Angels front page that load and play automatically. At the moment, the video is of Bill Stoneman discussing the Angels' off-season moves; he's fairly candid about the fact that their first choice was to pursue a starting pitcher (names aren't mentioned, but we all know he's mostly talking about Matt Clement), and that they decided to upgrade at shortstop only after they found out that the best they were going to do at SP was Paul Byrd. Of course, Byrd seems to be providing some cause for optimism this spring, whereas Clement has struggled a bit with the Red Sox.

In other video-related news, Arte - marketing genius that he is - has apparently figured out a way to have the pictures and descriptions of Angels games beamed through the air to receiver boxes in Southern Californians' living rooms on 158 of the 162 occasions the team is scheduled to play. The downside of this is that I'll have to listen to Rex Hudler that much more. Hey, Rex - the heat's off, man. Start toking again! Seriously. You used to be better.