Purgatory Online

Friday, March 25, 2005

Apparently, the Angels have been scouting around for relievers, most recently taking a look at Detroit's Gary Knotts. As in, 5.45 lifetime ERA, .795 lifetime OPSA (.900 versus righties!) Gary Knotts. Now, a look's just a look, and lookin's free. But it seems to me that if Chris Bootcheck (10 scoreless innings this spring) is showing signs of living up to the hype he used to get a couple of years ago, a smart feller might want him in the bullpen to see what develops.

In the same article, by the way, we note that Kelvim Escobar and Carlos Zambrano, the starters for today's Angels-Cubs game, are described as "a matchup of burly Venezuelans." I am, of course, delighted to see that the Register has found a way to transport a writer away from covering bare-knuckle boxing in the 1890's and put him on the Angels beat.