Purgatory Online

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Times keeps tabs on Tim Salmon, who seems to be shooting for a return in August or September.
If he's confident enough to play in 2006, he'd probably be willing to sign a contract for something near the major league minimum of $316,000, preferably with the Angels.

If the only offers he gets are from East Coast or Midwest teams that would force him to uproot his family, Salmon will strongly consider retirement.
There's no quote from Salmon to back up this "major league minimum" business, but it might be an interesting option to have. I strongly suspect, however, that it will be difficult to find room on the roster for a DH-only guy, since Erstad will still be under contract in 2006 and there's just no way Kotchman won't be playing every day by then (barring injury or trade).