Purgatory Online

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Josh Paul took a ball of the base of his (throwing hand) thumb during yesterday's win over the Mariners, and it's looking like he'll be out for several days, possibly even long enough to warrant a trip to the DL. With Bengie Molina just recently beginning the kabuki routine known as "running the bases aggressively" during his rehab stint, this leaves Jose Molina as the Angels' only remaining catcher. Theoretically - and this was news to me, believe me - Chone Figgins is now the Angels' backup catcher.

The Angels are therefore expected to promote Ryan Budde from Salt Lake until Molina or Paul is ready; Jeff Mathis would obviously be in front of Budde on the depth chart, but is suffering from a thigh bruise himself. Budde is hitting .289/.333/.467 with 9 strikeouts in 45 at-bats, and has three walks; obviously, he'd see little if any time on the field. One suspects that the Angels are evaluating exactly how serious this bruise of Mathis's is.