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Monday, May 02, 2005

This article at the Times reminded me to check on the progress of our dearly departed:

Eckstein (St. Louis) - .268/.368/.317, 0 HR. Is hitting just .143 versus lefties.

Glaus (Arizona) - .274/.346/.611, 7 HR. Is slugging 110 points over his career average. Hitting only .204 on the road.

Guillen (Washington) - .315/.346/.576, 6 HR. Just plain killing the ball.

Ortiz (Cincinnati) - 0-1, 9.00 ERA, 7.0 IP. Having injury problems.

Sele (Seattle) - 2-2, 4.71 ERA, 28.2 IP.

Percival (Detroit) - 1-1, 2 saves, 2 blown saves, 4.35 ERA, 10.1 IP.

As for the substance of the article itself...well, it sounds awfully familiar to Angels fans, who were asked to welcome a misunderstood Jose Guillen at the beginning of last year. Guillen is off to a hotter start than he had for the Angels, but we'll see what happens to that sunny personality when he hits a slump. Jose never seemed to have an attitude problem when things were breaking his way, curiously enough.

I was also amused to see the old Guillen/Washburn feud rekindled:
Over a 15-minute interview in a dank hallway that connects the Nationals' dugout to their clubhouse, Guillen says he is unburdened by his Angel crash and burn, and that he remains "hurt" by it. He says he holds no grudges, and that former teammate Jarrod Washburn is "two-faced," because he believes Washburn sold him out to management. "The only guy I got a problem with," he said, "is Washburn." He says he has no problem with Scioscia, and that Scioscia could have saved the relationship had he simply asked him into his office, rather than air him out in a crowded clubhouse.
You may recall that Washburn chewed Guillen out early last year when Guillen got a little too vocal about his belief that Angels pitchers weren't "protecting" him enough by hitting opposing batters, and that, a few months later, Washburn was quoted in the papers as approving of Erstad's calling a team meeting to deal with Guillen missing a team photo session.

Wash's response to Guillen now:
"I have no idea what put that idea in his head, but I never said a word [to upper management] and obviously, something didn't need to be said by a player," Washburn said. "I wasn't afraid to speak my mind about it, though, and maybe that gave him that idea, but it's not true.

"He's an incredibly talented player, and most of the time he was a very positive aspect of our team. He played hard, he put up numbers, he did his job. But there were a few negative things."
The Nats come to Anaheim June 13-15. I'm sure all parties involved will act like the professionals they are.