Purgatory Online

Friday, June 03, 2005

A few notes around the Halosphere:

1. Haloblog has apparently been in existence since October. Who knew? And it even has its own domain name, unlike most of the rest of us cheap-ass Blogger lovers.

2. L.A. Seitz of Chicago, a regular member of the cast of ruffians and ne'er-do-wells populating the Halo's Heaven comment threads, has his own regular gig, at which he discusses the Angels frequently.

3. Something going by the name of "Triple-B Bjoern's Baseball Blog" and originating straight outta Deutschland is new for this year, first posting in March. Along with the other two, I'm adding it to the sidelinks and the Brief History of the Halosphere, but, until he comes up with a catchier name or disavows his inexplicable allegiance to the Boston Red Sox, this blog will be known here by the name "Cindy Fluffykins." (teach him to rank me #7!)