Purgatory Online

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So the wife and I splurged and bought one of those fancy new high-definition TV's, and it turns out it may be my ruination. All I can say is that watching a baseball game in HD makes everything else look like total crap in comparison. I missed an inning or so of the Angels-Braves because I was so entranced by the Cardinals-Red Sox HD broadcast.

Which, to get to the point, was on INHD, Mark Cuban's all-HD, all the time network. I hadn't realized that they broadcast a handful of MLB games per week in 1080i, Dolby 5.1. According to my cable programming guide, the Angels-Mets game on Friday will be on INHD. Curiously, however, the INHD website lists the Phillies-Brewers contest as Friday's game.

More on this extremely important story as events develop.