Purgatory Online

Monday, June 06, 2005

I've been sick the last few days (nothing much, just a lingering cold), so no real posts. It hasn't helped that there hasn't been much to get excited about - the twelve-game road trip from hell is off to an inauspicious start, Texas has snuck past and now has a half-game lead, and all this screwing around has kept both Seattle and Oakland in not-quite-impossible-dream range. The Angels have their first-ever meeting with the Braves tonight while the Rangers are idle; if Lackey can outduel Smoltz they'll actually be in decent shape, tied for first with five games remaining on the trip and Texas headed to red-hot Philadelphia. With Guerrero (perhaps optimistically) projected to return when the Angels end this road trip, being within a game or so of first at that point would be a decent showing.

Garret Anderson's slam-bang Saturday performance, incidentally, carried him into first place in career Angels RBI. Next up for the Tustin Rhino is Salmon's extra-base hits record, 643 - Anderson presently has 623.