Purgatory Online

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Congratulations, Jose. Now even I think you deserve whatever you get from the fans. Jose's latest:
"I have no respect for him any more, because I'm still hurt from what happened last year. Mike Scioscia to me is like a piece of garbage. I don't care if I get in trouble. He can go to hell.''
You know, if you're a Nationals fan, don't you have to have a sinking feeling about this? I mean, assuming you're bright enough to see a pattern when it presents itself to you. I guess poor ol' Jose was just crying on the inside when he signed with the Nats:
"It was the best thing that could happen, taking into consideration the way things ended last season between us," Guillen told the AP from his home in Miami. "I'm excited to be a part of the Expos and part of history, now that we'll play in the U.S. capital."

"I don't have any hard feelings toward Anaheim," Guillen said.
Hey, remember when we heard almost exactly that, back when Guillen signed with the Angels? About how grateful he was that someone was giving him an opportunity to just play ball, and show that his reputation as a clubhouse cancer was so unfair? And then, of course, all us sucker Angels fans found out that Jose's favorite pastime is exploding over phantom insults, then apologizing for it afterwards.

Guillen is baseball's Ike Turner, ladies and gentlemen. "Treat me with respect, you piece of garbage! You're a damn piece of garbage! Oh, baby, you know I don't mean that...c'mon back to Jose. Please? Jose loves you so much. Look, I brought you these flowers. Aren't they pretty? What are you still crying for? Look, will you just take the flowers? TAKE THE DAMN FLOWERS, BITCH!"

You know what, Ike? Tina never needed you. She still doesn't. Fuck off.