Purgatory Online

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One more day of insanity at work, and then things ease off a bit and quasi-regular posts resume.

Last night's game wasn't on inDemand (or InDemand, or iNdEMaNd, or whatever the hell it is) - games with Toronto are for some reason usually not shown - which is probably a good thing for my blood pressure. The Jays are a fairly decent team, but the Angels are going to have to beat the fairly decent teams pretty regularly to have a shot at holding off Oakland.

Anyway, the feeling appears to be that the Angels are doing some fairly serious shopping around for a free agent, probably a pitcher. I'm a bit nonplussed at the idea of getting another starter; it seems to me some depth in the bullpen and/or a quality hitter to put at DH remain the real priorities unless there's something wrong with Escobar that they're not telling us about.