Purgatory Online

Thursday, July 07, 2005

  • Garret Anderson was awesome yesterday, driving in the tying and winning runs and cutting down the potential tying run at the plate. But let's also give it up for Jose Molina, who caught Anderson's throw on the third-base side and moved very well with the ball to block the plate and tag the runner out. Bengie probably makes that play. I think.
  • Speaking of Bengie, he made his second appearance as a DH yesterday. In seven at-bats as the desginated hitter, he's gotten five hits. Meanwhile, he's caught 29.2% of runners attempting to steal, while Jose has caught 56.5%. And, for some reason, opposing runners are actually making more stolen-base attempts against Jose on a per-inning basis; they take off against Bengie at a 0.065/inning clip, while Jose sees them go 0.076 times/inning.
  • For all the squawk and hullaballoo about the green team making it back to .500 (briefly), you'd never realize that they're actually a game further out of first than they were one month ago. Anyone calling them "the hottest team in baseball" would do well to reflect on what that means.