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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last night's A's-whippin' was nice, but let's not kid ourselves - there's a lot more work to be done. I seem to recall taking the first game of the last series, only to lose the next two.

Tonight, the Angels will need Santana to keep his cool, not get freaked out by Bobby Kielty's ugly mug, and keep the ball down, down, down. Meanwhile, the offense will have to build around Garret Anderson and his lifetime .352/.393/.556 line against Zito. I'd guess this might be a DH start for Molina with Kotchman coming off the bench against a righty.

Suggested lineup:
Figgins, 2b
Cabrera, ss
Anderson, lf
Guerrero, rf
B. Molina, dh
DaVanon, cf
Erstad, 1b
J. Molina, c
Izturis, 3b

Realistically, though, Scioscia will probably go Erstad-Guerrero-Anderson in 3-4-5, which isn't that bad.