Purgatory Online

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I've just spent a bunch of time researching a post that isn't close to done yet, so, in the interest of posting something today, here are the first couple of paragraphs:

I've rarely seen a team more in need of a day off than the Angels after their
second consecutive extra-innings loss on Sunday, and last night's 10-1 pasting
of Baltimore seems to confirm that they made the most of their time off.
Guerrero in particular was much more his old self at the plate, both in terms of
belting a pair of homers and in just plain making better contact.

Additionally, as Rob notes, the blowout gave most of the bullpen another
night off, which hopefully will wash away any lingering effects of the
disastrous 18-inning
to Toronto Thursday. Starting tonight, we should have a recharged and
ready Donnelly, Shields, Peralta, and Rodriguez, which still figures to be as
solid a core as exists in this game right now.

After which the post veered into entirely different territory, about which more tomorrow...