Purgatory Online

Friday, August 19, 2005

Most of the rest of the Halosphere has already made mention of this, but here's how the Angels' hurt squad seems to be shaping up:

Dallas McPherson - probably out for the season (bone spur, hip). That's bad, but, to be honest, it's almost a relief. McPherson had shown signs of why he was considered a can't-miss prospect, but even can't-miss prospects need an adjustment period, and it's not clear that McPherson was past his. With Izturis and Figgins playing more than competently at third, and Casey Kotchman getting his legs under him offensively, losing McPherson is a bummer, but probably not crippling.

Garret Anderson - the official statements on Anderson are as bad as the bad old days when the Kremlin used to report on the health status of Soviet premiers. As far as I can tell, the line on Anderson is that there's no set date for him to return, but what's bothering him - patellar tendinitis and lower back strain - won't keep him out for long. Scioscia plans to have him back at DH "in a reasonable amount of time," and expects him to eventually return to the outfield. Given the Angels' depth, it's far more important to have Anderson's bat in the lineup than to put him in left; hopefully we'll see him in the next few games.

Kelvim Escobar - Escobar is scheduled to throw a simulated game today, then begin a rehab assignment next week, which would put him on pace to rejoin the club somewhere around Labor Day. Assuming nothing has been decided about whether he'll return to the rotation or finish the year in the bullpen, Santana should have three more starts to sway the decision one way or the other.