Purgatory Online

Thursday, August 18, 2005

At this point, I'm thinking the Angels would gnaw their own legs off to be rid of the trap that is the Toronto Blue Jays. Fortunately, they are done with those hockey-loving sons of bitches until next year, unless they happen to make it into the playoffs. Which, given the fact that they play the Angels like they're easily the best team in the majors, is not out of the question. It speaks volumes that I'm actually relieved to see the Red Sox coming up.

It is now, beyond question, time for Finley to go. The Angels' patience with their free-agent signings has been pretty remarkable - not that they had much choice, given the investment - but whereas Orlando Cabrera has very slowly begun to make himself an asset, Steve Finley is simply a disaster at the plate. He's currently 6 for 44 in August (.136), hasn't had a multi-hit game since July 26, is mediocre in center, and has more or less obtained the status of automatic out. With rosters expanding in a couple of weeks, there's probably no need to release him outright, but there's simply no way left to justify his appearing in anything other than "stupid situations" - up by ten, down by twelve, pinch-runner in the fourteenth inning, etc.