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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

At the moment, the Angels are in one of the tougher stretches they have left, having won the first game of a seven-game homestand versus the Blue Jays and Red Sox. Meanwhile, the A's have it comparatively easy, hosting Baltimore and Kansas City. That makes last night's win even nicer, as the Angels put down an over-.500 opponent while the A's lose to one under the break-even mark.

From here on in, the Angels and A's schedules are very similar in terms of opponent strength. After cancelling out the mutual opponents, we're looking at the following:

Angels - TOR (2), BOS (3), TAM (6), OAK (7), CWS (3), DET (1)
A's - BAL (3), KC (3), LAA (7), NYY (3), CLE (3), MIN (3)

Adjusted for the number of times uniquely played, the Angels' opponents down the stretch have a .521954 winning percentage; the A's opponents have a .516681 winning percentage. If the Angels were to lose their two-game lead over the next two days, the two clubs would be even in the standings, with the remaining opponent winning percentage being .52245 for the Angels and .51915 for the A's. That's pretty damn close.