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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Okay, not so much with the Garret Anderson, then. Apparently, GA was held out with patellar tendonitis, which was unfortunate because of his previously-noted affinity for Barry Zito's pitching.

Three costly mistakes in the field, all capably explained by the ESPN crew: DaVanon's throw to third, allowing an insurance run to go to second (eventually to score), Finley and Guerrero's impromptu soccer game that turned a double into a triple, and Cabrera's mush-handing of a fairly routine grounder. Put them all in the same inning plus a wild pitch, and the A's get three runs and the ballgame.

Today the Angels are up against noted Thalidomide casualty Joe Blanton, who looks like Corky's understudy from "Life Goes On." Seriously, between him and Kielty, the A's have got to be the most physically repellant club since the Nixon/Blauser Braves of the early '90's.

Tomorrow, the club gets Washburn back.