Purgatory Online

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Dallas Morning News looks back on the wreck that the Rangers' season has become, and pinpoints the moment it all started to go wrong: the DFA'ing of Ryan Drese.
With showdowns in the AL West looming, management convened to discuss
Drese's downward turn. Despite protests from pitching coach Orel Hershiser, the
meeting ended with Drese designated for assignment. If he made it through
waivers, the Rangers would send him to the minors for a refresher course.

If he didn't, well, he'd be somebody else's problem. And the Rangers
would have another $1.8 million – Drese's 2006 salary – to apply to a mid-season
pitching acquisition.

Three months later and this much is obvious: Drese was the glue
that held this team together.

OK, maybe not the glue. But he was some kind of adhesive.

(What does that last line mean, anyway?)