Purgatory Online

Monday, September 19, 2005

A couple of items:

* Troy Percival will not need elbow surgery. It's still unclear whether he'll be able to pitch next year; if not, he's expected to retire.

* A's ace Rich Harden "has no idea" if he'll be able to pitch again this year, according to the San Jose Mercury-News. In the same article, we learn that A's shortstop Bobby Crosby's return is being delayed, in part, because he is unable to take infield/batting practice today because McAfee Coliseum is being converted from football to baseball configuration, and is hence unavailable. (Update: Rob sez that Will Carroll sez that Harden is very likely done for the season. Also, Brad told Ashley that Tiffany totally saw Tyler making out with Courtney under the bleachers during halftime on Friday, OMG!)