Purgatory Online

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Agh - swamped with stuff to do today, just just some quick notes:

* That little chess match between Scioscia and Showalter last night was excellent. Give Scioscia credit for being unafraid to pinch-hit Quinlan for Kennedy, the right move regardless of Kennedy's veteran status, and for making what turned out to be the right decision by not pinch-running for Bengie Molina in the seventh, preserving Jose Molina to pinch-hit for Kotchman.

* Tonight's Rangers starter is Chris Young, who hasn't pitched in a game in about two weeks. In his last start, he left after one inning due to arm fatigue; he's right around his career high for innings pitched, and is expected to go no more than five innings today. Originally, the Rangers were expected to use Ryan Rupe in long relief today, which may be out the window after they had to use Rupe last night for 1.2 innings.

* Young is somewhat similar to Loe in that he's a very tall right hander - 6'10", in fact, which makes him the tallest pitcher in Rangers history. He lives off his fastball, but mixes in a changeup, a curve, and a slider, none of which are better than average. Lefties hit him better than righties, but, most importantly, he's an extreme flyball pitcher - about 0.60 grounders to every fly ball. Hence the lineup will be heavy on the lefties again, and hopefully Anderson will be in good enough shape to at least swing the bat. After putting a charge into a couple of pitches last night, Finley is a distinct possibility if GA can't play.

* Expect to hear all about that nighttime marine layer keeping balls in the park from Hudler and Physioc.