Purgatory Online

Friday, September 16, 2005

Shockingly, Jose Guillen has thrown a temper tantrum, tossing equipment onto the field after being called out for arguing balls and strikes, and may be disciplined by the league - making him unavailable as the Nationals try to capture the NL wild card. Most embarrassingly clueless quote from Frank Robinson:
"You'd like to see him a little bit more in control," Robinson told the
Washington Post on Thursday, "and understand, especially in this situation, the
importance of having everybody available here and not being without one of your
better players for any type of time, even if it's one game."

Riiiiight. 'Cause the guy who went off on a screaming tirade for no apparent reason at Angel Stadium last June, then sulked in the dugout like an eight-year-old for the rest of the series, has all kinds of business talking about how folks should be "a little bit more in control."

Hey, Nats fans? Guess what? You're NOT different from everybody else - turns out Jose Guillen's a selfish prick when you're concerned, too. Boo hoo for you.