Purgatory Online

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

So it turns out that In Demand isn't showing another Angels game on their "Extra Innings" package until...May 2. That's Sunday. I have no clue why - none of the Detroit series is being carried, and only the last of the Minnesota series is. I partially understand why the Twins games won't be on, since the Twins games are currently broadcast by Victory Sports, which, due to disputes over fees, isn't being carried by the major cable companies in Minnesota. But I'd think that, in situations like that, they'd just switch to the Anaheim feed.

Yeah, I know - they probably have a limit on how many games they can show from any given team's home broadcast. Whatever. All I know is I'm stuck listening via Gameday Audio until Sunday. Confidential to Rory Markus: that "just another halo victory" call was cute the first couple of times. No so much the last 100 or so.