Purgatory Online

Thursday, April 22, 2004

No big update today, just a quick congratulations to John Lackey for putting people on notice that he'd like to be thought of as part of the top 4/5ths of the rotation, rather than part of the bottom 2/5ths. There's really not much to complain about your number four guy going six and two thirds against an offense like Texas's and giving up only three runs - it's surely not Lackey's fault that no one in the lineup could drive in runs against R.A. Dickey. Funnily, Texas appears to have two guys on their team with that name; the other one gave up nine earned runs in four and two-thirds innings to Oakland a few games ago, so I guess he'd better watch out he doesn't get sent back to the minors, huh?

Dumb jokes aside, I look at the guys in the Angels lineup, and I can't really bring myself to think that their current offensive woes are anything more than a temporary thing. This is still the club that absolutely destroyed the Mariners on opening weekend, and I think we'll probably start seeing that again in the near future.