Purgatory Online

Monday, April 19, 2004

The Angels have today off, so I'm not going to say much. Dropping two out of three to your major division rival at home ain't much to put one in a pontificatin' mood. I thought Colon and Escobar looked fine, all things considered, and, though Washburn's pitch efficiency was horrendous, he did, you know, win. So my sky-is-falling fears are, currently:

1. That Vlad Guerrero will continue to swing at anything at all, including the NASA's new Gravity Probe B as it passes overhead.

2. That Darin Erstad will continue to swing at outside breaking pitches, which he cannot hit.

3. That Jose Guillen's head will spontaneously explode if he doesn't hit a home run soon.

4. That Ben Weber is some sort of Samson-in-reverse, growing steadily worse as his beard lengthens.

5. That Frankie Rodriguez will prove unable to throw 200 innings out of the bullpen.

6. That the supply of batteries for Aaron Sele's Game Boy will run out soon.

For now, that is all.