Purgatory Online

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Rob Neyer thinks the Angels are likely to re-sign Troy Glaus:
Player: Troy Glaus
Team, Position: Angels, 3B
Replacement: Dallas McPherson (?)

Why the question mark after Dallas McPherson? Not because McPherson lacks the requisite talent. McPherson's blown through the minor leagues, and in many organizations he'd be knocking on the major league door. But McPherson's not going to move Glaus off third base this season, and there's not room for him in the outfield any time soon, either. Considering 1) how well Glaus is swinging the bat this season, 2) how poorly Tim Salmon is swinging the bat, and 3) how loose owner Arte Moreno is with the purse strings, it seems likely that Glaus will be signed to a long-term contract extension, with McPherson taking over as the Angels' DH, perhaps as soon as next year.

Eh, maybe. Salmon's contract runs through the 2005 season, and will be worth between 9.75 and 10 million next year. Glaus is having an excellent year - so far (what was that about sample size, Rob?) - but the Angels aren't going to make any decisions until they've seen most or all of his (and McPherson's) 2004. McPherson himself is currently posting a .288/.360/.455 line in Arkansas, so it's not inconceivable that he could spend most of '05 in Salt Lake instead of Anaheim, then split third base and DH duties with Glaus in '06.