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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here we have an article profiling Angels minor-leaguer Tommy Murphy, who will likely start the season at Triple-A as one of the system's few outfield prospects. This comes to us courtesy of heraldtribune.com, which bills itself as "Southwest Florida's Information Leader," a title somewhere in the vicinity of "Nicest Lacrosse Uniforms in Montana."

Tommy, a converted shortstop, apparently has not figured out why an organization that has middle infield prospects falling out of its rectal cavity would make him into an outfielder:
A shortstop throughout high school, college and his first four years in the pros, the Angels switched Murphy to the outfield, specifically center field, reportedly to take advantage of his speed.

"I never actually got a full-fledged reason," said Murphy, who has 110 stolen bases to go along with a .247 average, 27 homers and 203 RBI in 568 minor league games. "I had mixed feelings at the time, but I'm happy with it."

Come to think of it, the 2007 Angels could conceivably feature Murphy (OF), Erick Aybar (3B, with McPherson at 1B), Brandon Wood (SS), Alberto Callaspo (2B), and Orlando Cabrera (DH). How's a five-shortstop lineup grab you?