Purgatory Online

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The latest Angels Mailbag puts Adam Kennedy's return to active duty with the Angels possibly as early as late May:
Mike Scioscia told me this week that Adam is progressing very well from his reconstructive knee surgery and would be joining the position players when they report to Spring Training next week. Scioscia said Kennedy will be resuming defensive drills relatively soon, although he still has a long road ahead of him as far as getting back into baseball shape. It's still looking like late May at the earliest for seeing Adam in a Major League game.
The L.A. Times, meanwhile, says early June. They also say (same article) negotiations with Jered Weaver are "heating up," which marks approximately the 7,000th time I've heard that in the last month or so. Either the discussions are now the white-hot temperature of a burning kiln thrown into the center of the Sun, or they're following the Antioch College rules of dating.